Magnificent Attraction spell


This is a charm to luminous perfect beauty, becoming a sign of attraction to all that lay eyes. Caution this spell must be for good and not used for vanity.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Candles: Red/Orange
Angel: Lofiel also know Iofiel, as Iophiel Yofiel
Essential oil: Jasmine Oil
Herb: Lemon
Day: Friday
Time Best For Spell: 6am,11am,1pm,6pm and 8pm
Godess: Aphrodite
Planet: Venus/Mars
Start sign: Taurus
Rune Symbol: Dagaz and Mann
Metal: Iron
Number: 2
Tree: Cypress

Casting Instructions for ‘Magnificent Attraction spell’

The list of things above is a listing of everything that you may be use in the vicinity of your change, for example use the jasmine oil in the ritual bath including a squeeze of lemon juice.
After casting your circle with candles that are orange and red doing what you would normally do if you’re new to this and do not know how to cast a circle message me and I will post about ring casting. With you athame out high call stand in the center of your circle.

I call for the existence of Lofiel keeper of Eden.
Angel of beauty my uniqueness is exactly how the god created me, radiant and pure. I desire to embrace my quality that is unique, may my beauty radiate to be magnificent to see, from the inside and out as the gods intended them to be. May I use them to help myself and others.
Show me how to become more beautiful more divine, magnificent and extraordinary. May it fill any part of me that feels lost or lost.
See more terrific Lofiel I desire to be more, feel more and effect more.
I ask that you empower and help me. may you be the epitome of the beauty i desire to be. Take my gratitude as you are praiseworthy

Lord and Lady I pray to you will I be a representation of beauty for all to see. The magnificent’s and that that is beautiful is the whole of me. Not vanity or ego but of light and purity.
May I ask for the gift to hand and provide grace
I ask of thy. This is my will so will it be may it hurt none be be,blessed be. .

As you’re praiseworthy accept my gratitude and religion. i thank you

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