Lucky Clover Sack


A simple luck spell which you can make lucky charms or just a blessed sofa.
Simple and easy, this will bring you luck on, well, anything!
Just be careful, it has a tendency to smell!

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Bandanna 2 Handfuls of Clover 4 Drops of your blood If you are making a lucky charm, your charm

Casting Directions for ‘Lucky Clover Sack’

1. Take the clover and place .
2. (Add the charm if youre making one) The drops of blood can go anywhere on the clover.
3. Chant:

Gods and goddesses who bring luck to me,
Help me enchant this sack for me.
Good fortune is what I need,
Oh thee,
Bring good luck to me!

As you chant that, take 2 diagonal corners and tie one knot, choose the other two diagonal corners and tie a single knot. Take the ends of the bottom knot and tie a single knot over the next one you did. Take the ends of the second knot and create one knot on top of your third knot.
4. Now you’ve made your lucky sack, you will need to leave it for four times before use. When the four days are over, you can wear your lucky charm. After use, bury clover.
5. Now for how to use your lucky sack.
If you are using it for a test , at the beginning undo the top knot.
When you are two quarters to the test, undo another knot, when youre three-quarters of a way there, reverse the the third knot. At the conclusion, undo the knot that is last.
You do the same with a charm, and anything else you might need fortune for.

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