Lemon Ring Protection


Reflects negativity, anger, curses, hexes, malevolent forces.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Pen Paper Lemon Knife Pure sea salt Plate

Casting Directions for ‘Lemon Ring Protection’

Take the pen and paper and make a list of all the things/people you want to protect or the people/things you will need to be protected from.Take check out the list and set it aside. Cut the ends of off the lemon. Then slice the lemon into 5 equal slices.Arrage the slices on the little plate in a circle, in a rough star shape. Place your listing in the middle of that rough star shape. As you sprinkle the lemons with salt, completely cover them up (use lots of salt) and repeat the fallowing charm:
In this lovely ring of lemon rounds,
I place a listing just for you,
No more anger is going to be found.
Sour feelings visit sour fruit,
Pay attention now,
Im giving you the boot.
Salt breaks up negativity and bad luck,
My love and vitality sets this spell free.
By the power of three times three,
As I will it, so must it be.
Say three times. On the last verse, take your index finger and draw a counterclockwise spiral over the plate. Draw the spiral faster and faster, higher and higher until you fling off the energy your hands and back out to its sender. Brush your hands off three times three and announce: The spell is sealed.
Be certain to think clearly of what you need protection from and the energy being sent back to its sender. Now leave the lemons undisturbed, they have to dry out completely, add more salt if necessary. When they are dried out and shriveled up throw them away in addition to the list.

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