Kame-inspired energy blast


This one was inspired by the “become a saiyan” spell.
But it is for anyone who has experience in the field of energy. (no pun intended)

This one is also good to use when training

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Kame-inspired energy blast’

Stand out in horse stance. Focus on the energy that flows trough your body and about you. Imagine it like a fluid. Now Firmly hold both hands half open and half closed facing each other and only a couple inches apart in front of your solar plexus. Take a soft breath then after breathing out it require a strong breath. Don’t forget to breath with both your chest and your stomach, that way the energy flows through your vagas nerve.
Keep breathing at a slow, steady pace to obsorb the energy around you, to better focus the energy inside, and to summon all of the energy that is deep within you. At this point imagine all of the energy centralized in your core. Now, pull your hands apart and bring them around clockwise if you are right-handed (or counter clockwise if you are left handed) bringing them around so your dominant hand is on top and another on the bottom keeping them about a foot apart and facing each other again. Once you feel ready take all of the energy you’ve summoned and visualize it beaming through you like a beam of fantastic energy both forward and back. Push your palms forward and shift your stance with it with your palms face away from you while having all that energy shoot ahead, and yell or shout out as you do. The Kame shout does nicely, but you can just shout or yell.

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