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Information on magical gardening.

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The Witches Garden
One does not follow the witches path long before feeling the need to garden. As witchcraft is an Earth religion, we feel a religious rush when sinking our hands into the ground or watching a plant grow into maturity. These are the energies we observe in our rituals, the handiwork of our Mother Gaia.
A lot of us find ourselves in urban scenarios. I live in an apartment at a mid-sized city. I do not have the land for a gorgeous fenced garden. Maybe someday. But for now, I garden in containers. I find I can grow enough herbs for my magical needs if I choose my plants wisely. What started as two pots on the front step has now grown into 15 or 16 large containers. Despite the fact that I am a city man, I can plant and harvest by the Moon signs, work ritual within my plants and seeds, harvest them magically, and dry them for future magical and medicinal usage.
I hope that these pages will grow into a magic gardening journal. It will be for me a gardening notebook, a recipe book, and a place to share my magical garden. I’ve put these pages together in conjunction with a Witches Garden class I am teaching at Dracona Pagan Web. We should have much to talk about as the course progresses.
Planning Your Magical Garden
First and foremost, you must evaluate your magical needs. Use a lot of mugwort for divination? Constantly smudging the home with sage? These herbs would surely have a place in your backyard. Check out my Magical Uses of Herbs pages and locate plants to meet your needs which are well suited to your area. Don’t know which plants grow well in your region? Have a look at this planting zone chart for the United States. Research this carefully. I live on the cusp of two zones. An Internet search revealed that I reside in Zone 6b. As you study your own herbs, check to see which zones they grow best in. If you’re container gardening, you have a bit more leeway here. You have the ability to drag your plants inside if the weather doesn’t accommodate them. That can be a hassle, though, and I stand by the thought of growing plants native to your area as much as possible. This puts us in tune with the cycles and seasons of the land — the land where we live. Of course, I don’t see many patchouli plants in the wild here, and I grow it on a regular basis, so you will find yourself growing exotic plants sometimes.
My Garden Pages
When winter is still raging outside, I cozy up to the pc to start my gardening research. One way to maintain my notes straight is to create pages for each plant, record magical, edible, and medicinal applications, in addition to cultivation and propagation information. Does this plant grow best from seed or should I buy a plant? What sort of soil does it need? What are the sun and water requirements? I guess all that out before I purchase the first seed. Of course, this is a procedure I continue throughout the growing season as I add new plants. Like me, however, I think you will find it fun to get lost in backyard fantasies while the freezing rain is pelting outside.
How Do I Put the Magick in my Garden?
As soon as you’ve chosen your plants, how is your magic garden different from grandma’s mundane backyard? Number one, you have chosen your herbs to match your magical intent. When grown, they’ll be blessed and charged in a magic circle to assist in your spellwork and ritual. But we could bless and control our seeds and plants throughout the growing process also, infusing them with magical energy.
Start with a seed blessing ritual, preferably at Ostara, but it may be performed whenever you begin to work with the seed (some want to maintain a growing medium well before Ostara). In all gardening matters, work together with the cosmic energies of the Moon. Find a Moon sign and phase guide and follow it. Here’s a quick rule of thumb, although it might vary from plant to plant:
Always plant throughout the new or waxing Moon phase, preferably in the fruitful Moon signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. There are some exceptions: Plant garlic during a new or waxing moon in the sign of Scorpio or Taurus. Root crops should be planted during a waxing or full moon in Taurus. Plant vines and blossoms in Libra during a new or waxing moon. Sage needs to be planted in Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer through a full moon. Valerian: Gemini or Virgo during the new or waxing moon.
Paint or draw magical runes in your flower pots, on mark, or in the soil. The rune Berkana is particularly well suited for planting. Put stones and crystals from the soil to energize plants. Moss agate is the gardener’s stone. Charged and put in the soil, it will assure the abundant growth of your garden. Other agates and quartz crystals work good as well.
Magically charge the water used to nourish your plants. This can be as simple as saying an incantation over the watering can or setting out water under the full moon to control. Sprinkle a couple of fertility herbs or a moss agate in the water whilst charging. Again, draw fertility runes in your watering can and charge it with abundance.
Bless your plants using a mini-ritual every full moon during the growing season.


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