Isis Girdle( Energy Spell)


This charm is based on knot magic and can be used to ensure your energy is at the right level for your magical work. Buckles, belts or girdles were often associated with Isis or Venus and therefore aspects of femininity. They represent physical well-being and moral strength. It can be carried out on a Wednesday.

You will need the following items for this spell:

3 lengths of cord about 3 metres (9 feet) each

Casting Directions for ‘Isis Girdle(Energy Spell)’

Decide before you begin the objective of your girdle. To specifically use one for health issues you might choose the color blue, or to work from-a spiritual view choose purple orwhite. Begin braiding the cord and as you do so bear in mind that you are fashioning three aspects-of self, body mind and spirit to become one-source of electricity in all that you do. This manner the braid becomes an extension of -you and also a protector of your being.

Call on the power of Isis as you do this to give you strength and determination. Tie a knot in both ends to tie in the electricity. Now consecrate the girdle by holding it in-your left hand and circling it three time-santiclockwise with your most powerful hand,while saying words like:

Isis, Mistress of the words of electricity
Cleanse this girdle for my use

See it surrounded by bright light and glowing brightly. Let the image fade. Next circle the girdle clockwise 3 times -with your hand and say:

Isis, Goddess of the Throne
Protect me from all ill

Again perceive the girdle surrounded by light. Next put the girdle around your waist and say:

Isis, Goddess of Deadly Truth
Thy wisdom is reality

In future, each time you put on the girdle you-should have the ability to feel the energy, giving you the power to carry out your chosen task.

This is quite a powerful spell to do. Not only does it-protect you from illness, in addition, it prepares you to be-able to help others as they require it. Since Isis rules-intuition, you find that you are in a better position-to understand others distress and pain.

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