Inner Fire by Blood and Blade


Used by the high priests and the elite warrior sect of my people, this spell is used to strengthen ones’ combat and spell-casting capability permanently.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 pentagram
1 pentacle
1 red candle
1 black candle
1 white candle
1 brown candle
1 other candle of a color of your own choosing
Your own blood
Silver blade

Casting Directions for ‘Inner Fire by Blade and Blood’

To start things off, draw your pentagram on any acceptable material. Then draw your pentacle and something and place that in your pocket. Then put in order from left to right- the candles, the candle that you picked should end up in the lowest point of the pentagram. Next, cut on the hand (or bicep) of the arm that you write with the silver blade and let the blood drip from that hand onto the center of the pentagram. Then light the candles until a few of the wax from each of the candles drip onto the pentagram. After all candles drip wax onto the pentagram, extinguish the candles. Leave every thing involved in the spell-casting in their place till five moons have passed and then stand by the pentagrams and candles and chant the following incantation,Sir Azazel, grant me the energy of one of your brethren so I may walk the path of shadows and retain both darkness and light in my mind, air, and soul. Once this is done, meditate under the biggest tree that you can find underneath a body of water. If you are in town, go to the most private secluded area (preferably close to water and or trees) and concentrate in your mind the powers and abilities which you want to gain. Do this for three hours. Keep a timer on yourself, no more surely no less than the timed cited previously.

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