How To Summon A Tree Fairy.


That Is A Short And Easy Rhyme You Say When You Are Standing Face To Face With A Tree.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Nothing Just A Rhyme.

Casting Instructions for ‘How To Summon A Tree Fairy.’


Some say that fairy folk live inside trees. However, not every tree is acceptable for fairies, they have their favorites. Look in woods or parks for a tree that’s weirdly shaped. Old twisted oaks or knobbly hawthorns are ideal fairy trees. Find one that’s crooked with strangely curled branches. Often these stand alone in some mysterious corner of a dark and lonely wood. If there’s a stream nearby, all the better. You will see a gnome like face on the gnarled trunk. Or a claw like branch hanging down as if about to snatch you. This will be the fairy tree.

Having found the fairy tree you must now stand quietly and think of the joy which the tree has brought to the world of ours. Look up at its wonderful branches, admire their shape. All these are like no other branches on Earth, this is a really special tree. Hold love for this tree in your heart and talk gently to it. Tell this fairy tree which you are a friend. Accept that this tree is a gift from God to the world. Be one with the tree. Be at peace.

On your first visit to the fairy tree only stay a brief while and before you leave say these few words of poetry. Speak them aloud talking directly to the tree along with the fairy folk will hear them.

??? I come with love and hope in my heart

To you fairy folk I talk

I Won’t disturb or cause you pain

I promise to respect your private domain

And ask

Can I be your buddy please. ???

Say this with meaning. If you don’t indicate it then do not say it. Fairy folk despise liars, so always tell them the truth. If you do not believe in fairies, then forget it. One thing is for certain, they won’t believe in you. However, even if you really do think, at times the fairy folk just won’t let you see them. Don’t be overly disappointed if this occurs. Just keep talking to them with hope and love in your heart. They will be listening, honest!

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