How To Steal A Soul For Profit or Trading


A spell specifically designed to steal a soul. (It is best to do it on someone who’s dying soon).

NOTE: If used on a living person it will not take all of their soul. It will take anywhere from 80% to 10% if it but as soon as they die the rest will go to the object if it’s the higher amount of soul. The quantity of soul in the object determines how it seems. Also if the peraon is alive they will feel a pull to go tworda where it is and if they touch it they’ll get it back.

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You may need the following items for this spell:

A Satanic Pentagram Inside A Pentigram
5 Black Candles For Your SP
5 White Candles For The P
1 Strand of Hair
At least .05 miligrams of blood
A Emotional And Physical Belonging of Theirs
Loud Voice
Perferably On The Night Of Samhain

Casting Directions for ‘How To Steal A Soul For Profit or Trading’

1. Set the pentagrams and light the candles light a black one from the SP then a white one from the P and go back and forth.

2. As you obviously already have your thing hair, and blood from the person by this point sit in the center of the SA on your knees,and smear the blood around the object, and wrap a strand of hair around it.

3. Finaly then yell loudly: I summon thys soul from This bloodstream and the connection it gives, shadows of the night creatures of the dark guide the light to this (whatever your thing is). Send it to my hands drag it in the depths retreve it in the heralds haul it to my hands with this long and cursed night GIVE IT TO ME. (then in an inside voice say) so it’s said so mote it be.

4. Note anytime during the ritual you’ll feel great dread YOU MUST NOT BE AFRAID or else you may lose control of where the soul goes. At the conclusion of the Ritual diffrent should be felt by the cup

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