How to Make Your Own Wand


Title says all friends.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A stick the length of your wrist to your elbow whittling knife Hands Will Voice Crystal Tea/Other drink Windowsill Salt Candles (Optional) Mirror Mint Jar of rose petals Yarn Blood (Optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘How to Make Your Own Wand’

Locate a stick about the length from your wrist. Peel the bark, and make a tiny notch where you want your handle to be. Strip the bark with that spot up, and begin to whittle the top. You can make it end in a point, or you can sand it down level, it will work either way.
Put the wand in a jar full of your favorite tea or other beverage. This will help bond the wand to you. Leave it in the tea for 9-12 hours (preferably overnight, in view of a waning moon) and then set it in a salt circle near or on a windowsill. It will take a couple of hours to dry.
Take the wand into a location where you will be left alone, and cast a circle. You can opt to call the elements to bear witness of this ceremony by lighting candles, or you may just ask them to be with you.
Put the wand on top of a mirror, and rub it with mint. Bring a jar of roses into the ring, and kneel down. Say this phrase,

“With this,
I do bind,
Spirit, soul,
Heart and mind.”

Pour your will, and imagine pieces of your heart, spirit, soul and mind leaving your body and entering the wand. Decide which hand you may use when casting, and pick up a little crystal/quartz and say,

“Give this life, let it learn.
When I die, it shall burn.”

Saying this activates the crystal, and ensures that if you die, the soul within the wand will return to you.
Place the crystal on the batter and envision a seal being crafted from the three of you.
Have a rose from the cup, and lay it lengthwise across the wand. Say,

“I move its life,
I hand you no more strife.”

Maintain the crystal in place by wrapping a piece of yarn around it.
This is the end of the wand binding, but I recommend casting a couple of protection spells over it also.
To further strengthen the connection between you and your wand, put a little drop of your blood on the tip of the wand.

“Moonlight armor,
Stardust sword,

I request for thee’s assistance,
Protect me evermore.

Take this writing,
Turn it into tiers,

I request help,
Listen with your ears.

I need a sanctum,
Somewhere I can hide.

Give me a harbor,
You know I’ve tried.

I muster and conjure thee,
To protect this place.

Please make it sacred,
A special Magic space.”

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