How to become a Babai


You ought to be at least 15 years.Makes you to become a Babai(you know it as magician,wizard etc)and the beneficiaries are:begin controlling spirits based upon your rank,give orders to the underworld, control dark forces and speak with spirits etc..

You will need the following items for this spell:

6 candles
A match or lighter or flame
A paper and a pencil

Casting Instructions for ‘How to become a Babai’

Proceed to a quite place where no one is around with the components mentioned above(best places your area, outside). Take a few breathe until you begin,now say this prayer with faith and think and do not be distracted by anything.Here is the prayer:

Oh great God of magic, I’ve finally decided to become a Babai because I know if I become one I will be stronger and gifted with the power of Vistu(magical) if I have not yet gotten the power. Please lord Babavram take me as your humble servant and your son/daughter since I think that in you I’ll have my power and strength growing stronger and stronger everyday as I am under your care.

Conclude by saying:

Now I officially declare myself as a Babai and dedicate myself onto you lord. Take me and teach me more and also to know how to control my Vistu (magic). Thank you.

After this light the candles and place in the form of letter V,then write this prayer on a paper

Oh my lordi have acknowledged that you are our lord and also known of your presence. Please God may I find favour in your side and may your mercy fall on me since I have become a Babai thank you.

Write your full names at the conclusion of the paper then burn on the candles placed in the kind of V. Welcome to the world of magic. Have fun,and email me for more information. Thank you led by a rank 5 //Babai

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