Horoscopes for Thursday, March 15, 2018


Is Today Your Birthday?

Pisces is a sign of many talents but on a material level you sometimes leave things to chance. The message of your birthday chart this year is that where money matters and business issues are concerned you need to be a bit more worldly-wise.


There are so many interesting things going on in your world at the moment but you must not allow them to distract you from your number one aim: getting your finances in some sort of order. Only after that is done can you afford to get involved.


It’s perfectly natural that you are angry with someone who has let you down but don’t let it gnaw at you to such an extent that it ruins your entire day. Talking of days, the Sun leaves your sign on the 20th. Do something big before then.


Your confidence seems to be at a low ebb at the moment but there is no reason for it to be. A week or so from now the Sun will move into your sign and a new and more promising phase will begin. Look forward to that – and smile!


You don’t have to go along with what everyone else wants to do. In fact the planets strongly suggest you should aim to do something completely different today, if for no other reason than to remind certain people that you have a mind of your own.


The Sun in the career area of your chart can do wonders for your reputation, but it can also damage your social and professional standing if you don’t play by the rules. There will be plenty of time for fun and games later – but be serious today.


If someone makes you the proverbial offer you cannot refuse today you must turn your back on them and walk away. You don’t need beneficial terms, still less handouts, from people you don’t know you can trust. Try trusting yourself instead.


Avoid getting involved in other people’s quarrels over the next 24 hours. Not only will you not be able to resolve them but you could end up turning both sides against you. Chances are your intervention will do more harm than good.


Why do you care so much what other people think of you? It’s not like you to seek approval. Whatever the reason you need to get past it today and get back to a position where what others say and do has no effect on you at all.


Have you bitten off more than you can chew? Do your desires run ahead of your abilities? The answer to both those questions is a resounding “No!” You’re a Libra, a cardinal sign, and nothing is ever too much for you. Believe it, it’s true.


Your confidence is sky-high at the moment but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because you feel great the rest of the world feels great as well. No Scorpio, when you close your eyes it does not mean it’s night – it means you cannot see.


Don’t try to hide your anxieties from friends and family members. They are so used to seeing you as super optimistic that they may find it hard to believe you are hurting inside. They will, of course, assist you – but first they need to know you need help.


Don’t be taken in by any sob stories today, no matter how truthful, or how distressing, they may seem. If you want to make a financial contribution make it to a legitimate charity or organization where you know your money will make a difference.

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