Horoscopes for Thursday, March 08, 2018


Is Today Your Birthday?

Make sure you put across your point of view every chance you get this year. Yes, you will probably make a few enemies, but you will also make a lot of new friends, some of whom will open doors for you that up until now have remained firmly closed.


There may be a rational explanation for everything under the Sun but sometimes even big-brained Aquarius finds it hard to understand what is going on and this seems to be one of those occasions. Switch off your mind for a bit and rely on your instincts.


You can tackle even the toughest tasks with confidence now. Not only that but the adventurous side of your nature will come to the fore and you will find yourself doing things that make others think you’ve gone mad. Maybe you have, but is that so bad?


The choices you make over the next few days will impact your future prospects in a big way, especially on the work front where your reputation for getting the job done could bring sizeable financial rewards. And you’re worth every penny.


You can, you must and you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams over the next few weeks. Don’t listen to those who say you should aim lower – if anything you should be aiming even higher than you are now. Make it all or nothing!


You must tell the truth as you see it today, even at the risk of upsetting people who would rather hear some comforting lies. One day in the not too distant future they will thank you for being honest with them. It’s always the best policy.


You may be anxious about a highly personal matter but there should be good news about it over the next 48 hours, so calm down. You may also need to un-stress a loved one who has been getting worked up emotionally about the same issue.


A new era in your life has begun and it’s going to be a fabulous one. The more you are willing to adapt the more you will gain on every level. Some people have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the future. Don’t be one of them.


The planets strongly suggest that at least one, and maybe several, of your most cherished dreams are about to come true. Don’t worry if you have to give up something of sentimental value today – what replaces it will be fantastic.


A relationship has fallen into a rut of late and desperately needs an injection of ideas and passion. Make it your business today to surprise and delight the object of your affection. Do something they don’t expect. They’ll love you for it.


No one keeps as many secrets as Scorpio. It’s one of the things you do best. One of your secrets may need extra protecting today as someone seems to be nosing around trying to find out what you’ve been up to. They must not be allowed to know.


There are always new mountains to climb and the one you face now looks daunting. But you would not want it any other way. You are at your best when pushed to your limits, because that’s when the superhuman side of your nature comes to the fore.


Don’t worry if you have been feeling a bit tense in recent days – what happens today, tomorrow and over the weekend will loosen you up in the nicest possible way. Social plans are under excellent stars, so meet up with friends and have fun.

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