Concentration Spell


Do before a difficult spell to strengthen concentration and reduce chance of backfire.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 White Candle
1 Black Candle
Ability to cut yourself.
Crystal Bowl.
Cutting Tool.
1 piece of paper.
Blessed Pen.

Casting Directions for ‘Concentration Spell’

This is a charm I forced myself to enhance concentration and to decrease chance of backfire. You need to perform your other spell straight.
Mind the three fold rule you should, three times bad and three times good.

When determining whether you should stick to this spell remember this.

Take the candles and place the black on the left side and the white on the right side of the crystal bowl.
Light Candles
Have a sheet of paper and Write on it your name and your wish (improve my concentration ).
Put the piece of paper in the bowl.
Take a instrument and cut middle finger and your index finger.
Enable the blood to drop onto the paper, while chanting:

My Blood It Soaks
The Paper Red
Send Me Guidance
And dispell Dread
I pray for help
In my time of need
So mote it be
Make sure there is some blood left in the bowl that is not in your paper, you will need it to end spell.

Once the paper is totally red, or your palms have ceased bleeding, take the paper and dry it over the white candle.
Burn the paper with the black candle.

My grogginess, It Burns
On Paper Of Red
Send me guidance
Dispell all dread
I pray for help
in time of need
So mote it be
Place on surface that is non-flammable, once flame takes hold and allow to burn fully.

Dab your fingers in the bloodstream in crystal bowl and use to extinguish white candle ONLY.

Take the black candle in your projective hand and chant:

I pray for concentration,
In my period of Need,
Help me achieve my goal,
So Mote it be.

The spell is done.
If your palms still throb, draw concentration and power from the pain.
Otherwise, your spell will still give you concentration.
– Blessed Be.

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