Healing Abilities


Use this spell to have the ability to heal yourself.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 White candle 1 Violet candle two Indigo candles Jasmine incense Lavender incense. White clothing Water bowl.

Casting Instructions for ‘Healing Abilities’

In a real spell, it takes effort, time, and energy to make it work. You almost have to control your every thought, emotion and trigger all your senses. For a spiritual recovery the best times to do this can be either a complete moon or waning moon (7 to 10 days after full moon), or dark moon ( 11 to 14 days). Best time to do a spell is 3:00 am because that’s when our religious veil is more open. Be sure to have completed a protection spell before using any charm. Before you light the white candle request for purity and protection. Once you light the violet one, ask for spiritual recovery, once you light the indigo, when you blow let it take you into a state of euphoria and clairvoyance. Then light both incense together and smell it tightly and feel its energy. Hold it over you and speak with your god/gods or if you dont believe in a god just talk to yourself. Vent, cry and cure. Take about thirty minutes. As the candles burn and the incense diminishes. Put a water bowl before you and acknowledge your taste, smell, touch, hearing, and higher skills. Meditate on them. If you feel completely relaxed and ready to heal, take the water and hum love until you feel that the water is full of light and love, then splash your face with the water and breathe through your nose and out your mouth and smile.

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