Dragonic Abilities


When you are defending yourself. This is a spells. Whenever worked!

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 Papers
Writing Utensil
3-4 (Element) Candles
3 Blue Candles
Voice, immersion, and Belief

Casting Directions for ‘Dragonic Abilities’

1. Now, sit down relaxly on the floor, and make sure youre alone! 2. Make the blue candles. 3. Light them up and write:

Oh… Mighty Dragons… I call thee… Come to me, can you do a favor for me?

4. Say them loudly! 5. Now set you being circled by the element candles but out of the candles. 6. Write :

Mighty Dragons… Please Come… My Favor is that I need you to come to me and in me! Give me the power that shall I’ve. Let this (element) can I conquer and used by me! So mote it be!

7. Say it loudly! 8. Now youre been granted the power but you will understand how to use it! *** Negative Effects *** Communication with Dragons Feel more powerful and unbeatable Improved abilities Tough and Strong Mental *** Additions *** Wind/Sky : Blue Auras around you, but dont toughen your skin very much. But Its improving your speed. Improves regeneration also. But calculating powers done by absorbing this component. Occasionally looked like scales! Eyes that are Blue colours. Fire/Lava : Red Auras around you, it improves both power and defence but less enhance speed! Normally, changed your eyes color to red. Looked like scales. Earth/Soil : Brown Auras around you, it performed as Its raising your defence very much, but reduce your speed and power. Looked like stones scales. Forest/Nature : Green Auras around you, it practically improves regeneration and healing ability from fighting. Builds speed and reflexes. Also increasing Strategy Definition Mind. Lighting : Light Flashing Blue Auras around you. Improves speeds and power. However lower the Strategy Definition and Reflexes. Besides, it lowers regeneration capability done from you. However, this extremely powerful and dangerous.

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