Goddess Trade


Trade with the 3 phases of the goddess it will be finished in 3 days.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 round glass panel 1 bowl (even plastic functions) 1 black cloth to line the bowl Water 3 silver coins Salt Herbs (optional) Candles (optional) Blue or teal or white sand Stones or crystals (optional) 3 object you will use to trade with 3 rose leaves that grew collectively attached

Casting Directions for ‘Goddess Trade’

First take the bowl line it with the fabric and add the 3 coins at a triangle then add water and salt next add the sand and herbs take the ring panel and set it on the bud light the candles and have the 3 things ready then take the rose leaves and produce ripples in the water (make sure the moon is reflected off the water)
Now say: Lady Moonlight came to me in all stages three in each stages hands there was a trade. The maiden walked up to me in her hands there was (say silver or wellbeing) she asked me. What will you trade with me? And I said (say thing of transactions name). Next the mother walked up to me and holding gold(or a seed) she asked, Now what will you trade me? And I said(object of commerce). Finally the crone walked up to me and in her hands was wisdom. Now kid what is your trade, she asked me, and I said (last object of commerce) and she walked off
After you are finished dig a hole with your hands and bury all 3 objects of commerce. Dump out the water in a circle and put the rose leaves on the trade and the black cloth set the panel on that and walk away. Now each day after you will gain the trade from every phase first day maiden next mother last crone.

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