Artemis Goddess Protection Spell


Too keep all evil from you , protects you from hexes , evil demons , spirts, bad and negative energys ,and all evil forces,etc. suppose overly protected you for life.

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 packs of Frankinsense
1 pack of basil
1 pack of sage
1 cauldron
1 silver candle
1 white candle
Cast a circle before doing this spell and when complete this spell close circle.

Casting Instructions for ‘Artemis Goddess Protection Spell’

Cast a circle first before doing this charm, circle is going to assist you in spell. Burn the white candle untill it’s used completely ,burn the candle thoughout the entire 1st week. While burning the white candle through out the whole week chant every day.


I invoke you Artemis asking you for strong defense, and hoping you would guide me through my darkness days, I invoke you Artemis Goddess of light, asking for security and insight, I request that you protected me and send all evil too a dark spot, I invoke you Artemis and ask for protection from all the resources necessary, of your grace and power also protected me and send the evil towards the darkness,a place where can not return, and hurt, touch, or grab a hold of me, So shall this be.

Burn the silver candle until it is used completely, burn through the 2nd week of the spell. The two week, burn the basil and sage in a large cauldron burn too a week. While burning off the silver candle chant everyday the second part of the spell for 1 week.

Then Chant:

I want your help artemis I invoke thee I request that you swiftly eliminate all evil from me and about me, I ask artemis that you shine ever so brightly, so that my enemies may see you, I invoke you artemis, asking you not only for your indivual assistance, in this issue but for everlasting protection for myself, so mote it be.

After spell is completed burn frankinsense 3 sticks daily . When frankinsense is finished spell is finished and then close circle which you casted earlyer on in the bout. by: modelavery

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