Friend’s Seal


This spell provides some of your magick to friend(witch or not) by putting it into an item. A good easy spell that works.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘Friend’s Seal’

Fist get your paper and draw a circle with a 5 pointed star in it. In the center of the star write the name of your god(ess) you worship, in a circle, and in the middle of that circle compose your friends name. Then in each stage of the star write exactly what it is you want to seal(having the ability to restrain their abilities better, security, an element, luck, etc.) Something in each point, but in one point put I conceal (1/4, 2/4, 3/4, etc.) Of my power into this seal.

Then set the item(ring, ring, bracelet, charm, etc) to the middle of the star(on top of the title) and 3 times you must chant what you have written in each point. After every time you end chanting, say in the name of (god/goddess), I give(how ever much power you put in this seal) of my power to (your friends name).

After saying this 3 times, blow on the seal(without picking it up) and then remove it from the paper. After this u should feel some what over whelmed or drained and may need to lay or even feel its difficult to breath. This may last about an hour depending on how much power you put in the seal. Then when you give the seal to your friend, have them blow on it also.

Note- this seal will eventually run out of power and can only be repowered from the maker(you) using this exact same spell. Based on how much power is in it

1/4 of your electricity- up to 3 months
2/4 of your electricity- up to 6 weeks
3/4 of your electricity- up to 9 months
4/4 of your power- 12 months(1 year)

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