Healing a friend


This spell is to help you heal a friend, but you take the pain instead beware. This only works on things like cuts, bruises, sprains, headaches, ect. It doesnt work on broken bones though sorry. In case your doing it on more than one friend at a time you’ll need more candles.

You may need the following items for this spell:

-4 large candles of any colour (pref green)
-a sharp object to split to the candles with
-the damage friend/friends
-matches or a lighter
-a quiet place to perform the spell
-deep concentration
-the ability to hold energy in your hands

Casting Instructions for ‘Healing a friend’

find a quiet place to perform the spell
take 2 of the candles and the sharp objiect and carve the friends name in one and their era in another
do the same with the other two candles except with your name and age
set the candles with yours friends information facing the north and sourth. Age facing south the place the candles along with your name facing east, name faceing north, and age faceing west
light the candles one by one calling out what is carved into them and what your purpose for them is.
Sit with your friend having the hurt component of these uncoverd from any fabric, even if internal
concentrate on the candles and begin pulling only the good energy from it
hold your hands over the area where your friend is hurt and begin relising the energy within that area wile chatning quietly
selp leten karban randef mesten sanperi tan hetsomlat vestaeri kan

So they dont suffer any more transfer their pain onto me, the pain they pain they once felt once theirs is mine is now fine.

Say this a few times before you feel the pain, it will be in the exact same area as your friends but it will be as bad.
Blow out the candles and scrape off the name and age from each candle
p.s. if you do so to get a broken bone it takes some time to heal, and and injury will befall you causeing the bone to break in the exact same area as your friends. Also your buddy CANT use this spell to take the pain back. Its a 1 way spell.

message me if any problems accure.

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