This is a spell to heal someone near you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A photograph of the individual to be healed.
A green candle
A jade ring (or other green healing stone)
Some red cotton thread
A drawing of the afflicted area of the body
Tea tree oil
Pinch of dried lavender
Green cloth pouch
Glass of water

Casting Instructions for ‘Healing’

Special note: If the disease has to do with cancer or another sort of tumor then this will be a sort of banishing and you may want to substitute black for green in this spell. Additionally you might want to use jet or onyx instead of jade. This is best performed during a waxing moon (or waning, if it is for banishing).

Ground and center. Breathe deep and feel your power. If you utilize any Gods or Goddesses which you’re particularly attuned to, particularly if healing is one of their features, feel their existence now. Hold the glass of water in both hands and feel your power, and that of the Gods, flowing into and through you. Feel it flow in the water and “see” it start to shine with the power of healing. Say something like: “Healing flows into this water, flowing from her sacred nicely.”

Know that the water will maintain this charge until it’s used. Set the cup aside for now. Hold the candle and concentrate on the concept of health. You may wish to etch something on it like ” is now treated.” Rub on some of the tea tree oil onto it. Set in a holder and place it aside. Do the same with the ring, placing it on the end of the candle so that it rests on it, suspended. Sprinkle some of the water around the candle-holder in a clockwise circle (counter-clockwise if you’re banishing).

Hold the drawing of the afflicted area. Use your feeling-sense to delve into the area of the individual’s body and feel the quality of energy there. If you imagine that it’s too hot, for example, you might wish to imagine it cooling; if it’s too active, you might try calming down it. Take the tea tree oil and draw a pentagram over the affected area with your fingers. Light the candle and say: “I call forth light, in the dark of night, to cure the blight, with strength and with might.” Burn the drawing out of the candle flame and put the ashes in the green pouch along with a pinch of lavender. Burn some of the lavender and permit the smoke to waft over the photograph as you concentrate on it.

See the individual as surrounded by a green setting of recovery (or maybe purple, or cobalt blue for a banishing). “Feel” that they’re healthy, happy, and strong. If they had a broken leg, “see” them as running on perfectly strong legs; if a issue with their lungs, then see them breathing effortlessly, etc.. Allow your sense of their health and newfound strength to permeate the picture. You may wish to chant something like: ” You are healed. You’re strong.” You might want to repeat this chant until you’ve achieved a sense of deep trance.

When you are in a deep state of trance and have felt the healing power has been transferred to the person, then roll up the picture and tie it with the ribbon. Say: “Surrounded by a ring of jade, surrounded by the therapeutic waters, bound together by cord of blood, strength restored and life renewed.” Burn the photograph, releasing the power to the world. Mix the resulting ash together with the ash from the drawing and place within the green pouch. Drink the water feeling it refresh and renew you, bringing you healing energy, keeping you hydrated.

Allow the candle to burn completely out. Retrieve the ring and place inside the pouch along with the ashes. Keep this hidden until the full moon (or dark moon for a banishing) at which time it needs to be given to the subject of this healing. If this is not possible then it should be worn by a friend or loved one as a reminder of the healing energy.

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