Healing Spell For A Friend


This is an air spell to help.

You may need the following items for this spell:

-amethyst crystal
-lavender incense
-paper and pen

Casting Instructions for ‘Healing Spell For A Friend’

I left this spell in mine whose father had passed away with a buddy. It does not need to be a very close friend, you simply must have the desire in your heart to heal them and for them to be happy.

First, as always, cast a circle. You’re also likely to want to ensure that your crystal is eliminated prior to using it (you can do this by exposing it to sun or moonlight and leaving it for a day or a night).

Once that’s completed, light your incense, take your amethyst in hand, and meditate with it. Charge it with your thoughts and feelings of how much you want your buddy to be happy, how you wish for their despair to be blown away from under the pressure they are being held under (whether it be depression, frustration, a tragedy, etc.) Visualize them as being trapped beneath this pressure, unable to release themselves on their own.

Compose your friend’s name then place it under the amethyst. The size of the paper must be bigger than the crystal to symbolize the way your friend is bigger than any obstacles, pressures, or adversaries they may be facing. Say:

“This buddy keeps hurt in their heart
Heavy enough to weigh them down.
Their pain overwhelms them,
Like the crystal does to this newspaper.
Mother Goddess I call on thee
To help raise their sorrows as I lift this crystal.”

Eliminate the amethyst and keep it in your hand, and with the other, take the paper and wave it through the incense. This signifies their sadness and frustrations being transported away. Visualize them being as light and free as the paper as you feel it in your hand. Say:

“I call upon the element of Air to cure them.
Blow away their despair,
Carry it away with the end
So that they may never see it again.
Mother Goddess, please bless my friend.
Mend their heart and soul,
Let them continue happily on their path.
And harm none, so mote it be.”

Break the ring and get rid of the paper. Make certain to check in on your buddy to determine if the spell had taken affect, also to let them know you care and are there to listen. Be kind to your friends. Blessed be!

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