Finacial Growth


This will help your income grow every month. With goals and powerful visualization this spell will work it’s magic for you

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 green candle
1 white candle ( protection)
Dried crushed basil
Quick luck or money oil
Spoon and small bowl
Sharp tool
Picture of one self

Casting Directions for ‘Finacial Growth’

Cast a circle or square of strong light that is white, imagine it coming from the Earth and filling your space. Grab the bowl and add honey, then sprinkle some basil, add sugar, add cinnamon add fast luck or money oil. Mix it all together WHILE mixing it chant three times

Chanting charge it and grab the white candle. Tell it that while prosperity comes your way, its job is to protect you. Carve Protection on to the candle. Grab the green candle, split it rotates and carve Now rotate split on the last space For me and it again

Charge the candle, tell it that its job is to work with the other elements and herbs to fulfill your desire. Tell it that it is to execute your request. Mix the mixture one more time and then WITH YOUR HANDS spread it on the candle. Picture your earnings increasing month to month, year to year. Imagine a door opening and thankfully receiving the prosperity and blessing that is coming your way. Now the candle should be in your right now, light it in front of the picture of yourself Grab the green candle light it and say three times

I muster prosperity to come my way. I summon growth To come into my life. With the power in me, I believe that this is growth is summoned by me! I summon financial growth! I summon financial growth! Through no harm As I will it, so mote it be

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