Energy shield


Shield yourself with energy!

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Casting Instructions for ‘Energy shield’

The way to produce an energy shield because occasionally spell shields are too complex to install and you can always add to this shield. The most fundamental method of protecting oneself against the external world is a shield. Exactly like psi balls, they can be programmed to perform an infinite number of tasks, ranging from simply stopping negative energy from penetrating your body, to interpreting different forms reacting and energy to each on an individual basis. The average psion doesnt have a dictionary of hundreds of defenses in their mind for different situations – we all have a small database of frequently practiced protects that may be tweaked slightly to match a given situation. I, myself, use about three unique types of shields on a particular day, but also have a few advanced shields in mind just in case.
Bubble Shield
Bubble Shields are easy to create and can hold up against everyday annoyances. I mostly use them for blocking ordinary humans empathetic projections. Regulating how strong the shield is dictates how much empathetic information I get from my environment. Ive personally had trouble using them for blocking telepathic information, but keep in mind, my telepathic experiences are very limited. Bubble Shields are also useful against individuals who subconsciously leach energy from others. Basically, in those situations, your shield has to only be more powerful than the persons next to you. The leach will generally go for the easy target and not even bother with you.
I use two methods to create Bubble Shields (though sometimes I do outlandish things just to spice it up small).The first is a simple visualization of a shell building from the ground to up, around your body, and eventually meeting up over your head. Eggshells and plastic bubbles are typical visualizations.The second creates the shield from inside the gut, and expands it until its around the whole body. This is useful for pushing energy off of you, while the first may trap it inside the shield.
Unfortunately, you cant just learn the Bubble Shield and be set for life. If you engage in any psychic battle, youll discover that your Bubble Shield doesnt amount to crap. A focused attack can go right through or shatter it, based on the attackers skill and objective. Reconstructing and maintaining it during a fight isnt worth the effort. As mentioned above, the Bubble Shield is very basic. Its great for everyday issues, but for more serious events, its wiser to create a better type of defense, than trying to hold together a small Bubble Shield.
Diffuse Shield
First I create a thick Bubble Shield (not always strong, just thick). Then I push out some parts to form a spike, and some parts in to form a spike. When Im completed, its like a furry ball – the spikes becoming so thin theyre like fibers. Its made very loose and the fibers leak around freely. (I apologize for the cheesy animation, its a lot easier to visualize than it is to draw). Ive yet to find another use for this shield besides the one stated. Itll fall apart in an hour or so (depending how you program it), and I cant think of any way it would be useful in a combat situation. Nonetheless, its served its purpose: Ive yet to be struck. If you find yourself in a situation similar to mine, then give this shield a go.
Mirror Shield
To be totally honest, I have very little experience with this type of shield. Ive used it on occasion while sparring with people, but I usually like making something more complex (mainly because the Mirror Shield is rather dull, in my view). Despite my lack of attention, it’s a popular and useful shield.
Mirror Animation The technique is predictable given the name of the protector, but Ill go over it to be complete. Create it as you would any other shield, but program it to reflect incoming attacks. This may be accomplished by a nice mirror visualization or a slick silver colour.
There are some pitfalls to this shield that may trick-up a newbie. The first is to be sure you create it so you can send energy out through the shield. Its no good if you go to strike and your assault bounces off the interior and nails yourself. Another is to make sure that you make its on the outside of your other shields. The reason for this is that if you make it inside a Bubble Shield, for instance, and the attacker breaks through a part of the Bubble Shield, the electricity will bounce off, and hit the Bubble Shield again on the way out. Two strikes with one stone.
Marshmallow Shield
The Marshmallow Shield is a thick, gooey, and tacky sort of shield. Its primary purpose is to absorb attacks and hold them for later. It may be programmed to de-patternize the easy attack or just spit it back out. It’s difficult to break because of its own nature, but at best it may slow down a proficient attack. One downfall (for me) is that it takes some time to construct properly. The visualization is straightforward, but it just needs a lot of energy. Essentially, you need to envision a thick (probably at least one foot) wall of goo. Use semi-melted marshmallows for visualization. If you assemble it in layers (which I do sometimes, to make it simpler), youll want to make sure that the layers melt into each other entirely – they could be a pain and different in their sometimes. You might want to put some Bubble Shields on the outside and inside of it if youre making it really gooey. It should hold its own shape for a while, but it may require some maintenance depending on how you make it. Marshmallow Animation
Force-Bubble Shield
The visualization is fairly straightforward but tedious. The one I use is to visualize a whole lot of psi-bricks stacking up and forming a brick wall around myself. Youll also need some psi-mortar as well to stick it all together. Also, to incorporate the idea of force, I visualize a whole lot of arrows pointing outwards on the bricks. In physics, force is usually shown by an arrow, so it works nicely for me (having a somewhat scientific mind). Think of something that means force to you and use it. The important isnt necessarily the visualization, but the clinic. This shield takes plenty of skill to construct properly.
Cloaking Shield
To create it, youll want to form a mental image of what you want to project onto others. You can project yourself as invisible or something static (for instance, a hedge, box, etc.. .) . Whatever you decide, you should have a clear comprehension of what the items energy is like. Youll want to create a shield that emits this same type of energy. The goal isnt to physically make yourself seem like a hedge, but instead to have the attacker to glance over you. Broadcast something like Nothing to see here, only a hedge.
Another kind of the shield is to emit a normal humans energy field. When the attacker sees you, theyll either underestimate your ability, or ignore you completely. Evidently, visualizations of whatever you want to become work nicely for forming this shield. Remember though, youre not only creating a defense, your clouding the mind of your opponent. This is where telepathy is useful. Incorporate telepathic suggestion and broadcasting to the shield. Visualize your opponent becoming confused.

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