Energy Share


Spirit ect. For energy blending/ bonding.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Yourself and the ability to visualize and draw energy and candle devoted to specific deity, or other being. Incense if you would like.

Casting Directions for ‘Energy Share’

Pick a quiet, dark place, where you will stay undisturbed.

Cleanse the area and yourself, via a shower/bath for purity, as you, hopefully, always do.

Set up your obstacles, whatever they might be (protective circle, dome, glyphs, etc..)

Once you have properly prepared your space and self, relax, meditate enough to ground and come into focus.

Light the candle and incense. Proclaim both an offering.

Keep the deity or entity you choose, on the surface of your mind, but not main attention and visually measure out an oval of light, large enough to put within.

Draw it with first and middle finger, on power hand, pressed together, or with athame/sword. (Draw in the required energy then project it out as you craft the oval.)

Next you’ll need to focus on pulling in energy with each breath, through your preferred chakra/hvel point.

If you feel satisfied that power is coming with each breath, get upon hands and knees and blow off the energy out into the oval. ( I see it as a specific color of fog, filling the area, stopping at the boundaries)

Continue doing this until it is saturated with this energy.

Finally, align yourself (physically) inside the oval, laying down. Relax everything, including your head and invite your favorite entity to come in with you.

If there’s a close relationship or openness in yourself to be open to the mixing, then you will feel an immense energy start to course through your root to the crown chakra/hvels. Highly pleasurable.

Please don’t attempt unless you have built a close relationship or sense a kindred nature with the deity or thing in question and have a fantastic focus/mind of who you are. For me it is a great and wonderful experience, taught to me by my patron, if you believe in that sort of thing or not. :-RRB- Enjoy and be careful


P.S. Please keep it in the coven or your own personal book, should you find it really valid for you.

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