Creating a Guardian Golem


This is an old family spell I’m willing to share because there are some creatures out there which magicks won’t affect rather than too many magick users are practiced in self defense.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Salt White Chalk Ingredient you want your golem made of ( I prefer using stone myself) 4 candles of the elemental color you are going to use Strong faith in a deity that you follow Small offering, nothing living but wine or food will work 1 jewel of the colour that represents you

Casting Directions for ‘Creating a Guardian Golem’

Warning: This is not a spell to bind the elemenal force but to invite them in a boat you built for them. Never bind elementals since they are forces of nature and in doing so that you can and will tip the balance!
Assemble your ingredients.
Shape the wood, stone, steel or sand to the shape of the golem and set the gem where its heart would be using a narrow channel leading into the gem holding area.
Using the chalk and salt to ward away demons from taking possession draw a double circle one of invitation on the inside and one of security on the exterior following the deity you follow guidelines.
Using the candles light each one and place them in the true directions of north south east and west.
Place the offering of food or wine at the feet of the golem husk and call out to your deity:

Oh (deities title)I ask as your humble servant to beseech the elemental forces on my behalf and invite them to use the creationI have made as a boat here in the mortal world in exchange for the protection of mine and myself kith and kin, by your power so let it be.

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