Dream Power


When you need to make someone aware of something, perhaps a healing energy or information which they should make a decision, it is likely to influence their dreams, without them knowing that you have had anything to do with the issue. You truly make a link for them to higher authority.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A square of fabric
Needle and thread
Cotton wool or stuffing
Handful of herbs or a few drops of essential oil
Paper and pen

Casting Directions for ‘Dream Power’

Sit quietly in your sacred space, gather your thoughts and decide precisely what it is you want the person to hear, or maybe feel. Write down your wish on the bit of paper in as few words as possible.

Make a dream pillow using fabric and stuffing’s square. Add a quantity of rosemary and lavender or a couple of drops of oil. Put in the piece of paper, then sew up the end. Put the dream pillow on your altar.

Because this is on behalf of someone else you might want to reinforce your sacred space for your petition. Collect your energy into your solar plexus hold your hands. As you do this, say the following:

Goddess Divine Holy Mother, I request you herein for another. (Name) doesn’t understand. Creating difficulty quite unplanned. Holy Mother, Goddess Divine, Send a fantasy, awaken the mind. Prove the way through, how thats perfect. Give them the truth by clear starlight. Holy Mother, Goddess Divine, Open the way to get a clear sign. Bring them clarity while they sleep. So much from experience that they can reap.

Change the incantation to suit your purpose if you wish. You might give the dream pillow to the person concerned as a gift or hang it in a prominent place in your own sacred space. Remember that this does not force a person into any specific course of action. This spell allows them to make decisions that are right for them, and you know you’ve done all you can to help. You have acted as sensibly as you know how.

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