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Casting Directions for ‘Dowsing’


Dowsing’s definition has changed from a narrow perspective through time to a one. Here are a couple of definitions.

The use of pendulums or rods to find water or minerals
Using apparent extrasensory or paranormal senses perceptions to make discoveries
The search for under ground water or minerals by using a dowsing rod
Dowsing involves asking a series of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions
The tool reacts to these question with a movement
The dowser will know the answer by the type of movement the tool makes
For instance; if the rods dowsing swing outward or cross each other the answer is ‘yes’. If the rods dowsing do not move at all then the solution is ‘no’.
It’s through a series of questions from the dowser and responses by the tool that the dowser finally finds what he/she is searching for and gets closer to goal.

You can learn how to dowse. We all have this ability.
Like other ESP abilities such as clairvoyance or telepathy It’s Important to find silence in order to access this ability


Fundamental Things You Will Need to do in Order to Dowse Accurately

~~Locate your ‘yes’ and ‘No’
Ask the right questions

We will work together with the Rods dowsing through out these exercises but after techniques or the principles have been learned you can apply these to other tools

~~Getting the Feel of the Rods Activity~~

Hold 1 pole in each hand parallel to the floor
Feel them
Find a comfortable grip somewhat firm but not so tight that they could never go
They may begin to swing all over the place without you physically causing it (this is good)
Now walk with them and focus on keeping them
They may feel more comfortable with the extension of the pole above your hands or below. As you work through the other exercises, Time will tell.
Now allow them to move at their own will
Continue letting them move and consciously making them stop until it happens instantly

~~Finding Your ‘Yes’ and ‘No’~~

With complete concentration
Ask the sticks dowsing “Show me my ‘yes”‘
Pay attention
This is the movement that shows you the response is ‘yes’
Ask the rods dowsing “show me my ‘no”‘
Pay attention to how the rods move
This is the none or movement movement that shows you the answer is ‘no’
The most common ‘yes’ is the common and motion ‘no’ is not one movement
To test the answers ask a question that you know the answer to
Case in point- “Am I wearing red shoes?”
This may need to be done a few times before you can trust your rod’s response
Remember that your level of concentration will affect the outcomes
Also keep in mind that your answers for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ may change
It is a good idea to ask the rod to show you your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in the beginning of each dowsing session

~~Development Exercise~~

Lay a piece of rope, garden hose or string
Hold the rods parallel to each other and the ground
Close your eyes
Stand back from the line
Focus on the rope
Become the rope
Ask “Where is the rope?” As you walk forward
Stop if your sticks dowsing show you a ‘yes’
Notice where you are
If you were focused your rods dowsing should have crossed or given you a ‘yes’

~~Formulating Questions~~

It’s important that your question be able to be answered by a ‘yes’ or ‘no’
The sticks dowsing can not reason
Be specific as possible
If you are dowsing treasure and then ask “Show me the treasure” you could be shown a tin can. Your garbage may be someone else’s treasure. What do you define as treasure? If you’re money dowsing a more appropriate question would be “Is this where the money is?”
The rods dowsing make no judgment. They tell the truth.
Formulate one after another so you can narrow it down i.e. Is there water in this paddock? Is it within 100 square meters? Can it be within 50 square meters?
Then you would want to know if the water is drinkable, if its below the surface etc..
These types of questions allow for accurate results

Meditation is recommended for the development of concentration which is necessary when dowsing
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You will know when you come to a conclusion Your logical mind would not have given, that you are dowsing
From money dowsing, dowsing treasure to dowsing water there is absolutely no limit to. Enjoy discovering.

Dowsing Books have been written by many experienced dowsers who have discovered their unique way to exploit the energetic vibrancies of rod dowsing to locate anything to energy vortexes obtained for planetary healing treasure, from water
Immerse yourself that you’re drawn too and they’ll open up the dowsing world to you – prepare to be amazed.

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