Death Spell to kill Enemy


This charm is should be practise first you have to master meditation, candles,invoking gods spirits.
You have to cast this passing spell with anger and full of determination to kill your enemy.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Black Candle 1 to 3 Spoon Names in case your enemies. Pointed knife or needle Photo* or picture of enemies Open mind meditation Open a circle draw it using salt Or chalk Remember you should be indoors in circle The candles also, so you can’t be possess by demons or spirits. Dont be frightened! Pack dome salts and onions in the circle Banish “””Demonic spiritus” I kill you I kill you and send back you ri the hell by the power of my soul im here safe from my curst and linking to the soul of Angels demon destroy! Say r This in latin with angers and d Full of power. Then throw salts with banishing prayer for angels, with protections by angels.

Casting Instructions for ‘Death Spell to kill Enemy’

Light black candles 3 black candles
Put the photos or names in the doll. Another method is to etch their names.
Say these words: You are the black candle I want to die, (say the name of enemy) you are the soul of my enemy should perish spiritu of death I call you take this life as a blow off my breath with angers ,( hold up the candle using etched name) spiritu of death take away this character life after I blow out this candle.
Translate un latin

Meditate, I here call upon the Powerful Spirit of death I request your help to kill my enemies
Appear to me now show yourself! Kill (name of enemies)
From the power of you moon tonight
Until they die I swear they die, I swear this WOrds
Until the candles light! This is my will so mote it be!

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