Dark Vampire spell


Ok bare with me on this one some one requested this but I need to know if it works… btw its super long

You will need the following items for this spell:

All elemental candles- White(soul), Red(flame), Blue(water), Yellow(atmosphere), Green(earth), Black(shadow), Violet(light)
A black sharp knife
Black series- 9 inches with one knot at the middle
New Moon- Nighttime between 10pm-2am
Blood- Yours and a friends
A cup/Chalice- Hold your friends blood

Casting Instructions for ‘Dark Vampire spell’


“In the darkest hour I send out my petition to the Greek Goddess Nyx. I ask that if I have any vampire ancestry that it be brought out in vice of weekly. I belong not with the ordinary humans but belong into the supernatural world where there’s always danger. In becoming a vampire I give up my time in the sun, my favorite foods, and most of all the hot blood flowing in my vains.”

Reduce the palms of both hands and light every candle while saying

White- “My soul I condem you never to live another human life as you should live together and die if I die.”

Black- “I condem myself to the darkness never to see another sunrise or sunset.”

Violet- “The sun light shall slowly burn me to death if I’m ever caught inside.”

Red- “The flame will no longer harm me for it will become my buddy on the darkest of nights.”

Blue- “Water is no more need to keep me alive as I only need blood to remain strong.”

Green- “The earth will become a close friend as I live and proceed to hide any suspicion and hide from the sun”

Yellow- “Air, I want you to only talk now because I am no longer a part of the living but not quite part of the dead”

Now take the black string and soak 1 end in your buddies blood and the other end in your blood but not going beyond the knot.

And now drink what is left of your buddies blood. Let your blood drip on to every candle 5 times. For each candle say;

“The night is my world as I am human no more. I’m an early fear creature because ordinary humans fear the unknown.”

Allow the candles burn out on there own if your blood hadn’t already put them out, and just sit and wait.

Once the candles are out say;

“This is completed. So mote it be.”

At 5 am go to bed

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