Cryokinesis is the ability to control the element of ice.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘Cyrokinesis’

Cultivating water energy
First, stand in position for ki breathing, close eyes and visualize your being surrounded by water, imagine that energy out of the water is flowing into your body filling you up, as soon as you think youve had enough its time to proceed.
Lowering a areas or room temperature
First: Meditate for a clear calm mind, then select the room or area where you would like the temperature but check thermostat.Now stand in a comfortable position and close your eyes closed, imagine your in a blizzard, see the snow flying and frost forming on the floor everything freezing. Gather the feel of this cold adapt to it, now visualize the temperature of the thermostat falling lower, check thermostat see if it lowers.
Ice ball
Stand in a comfortable position, like holding a ki ball hold hands. You should hold your hands. Visualize water flowing along with your hands flowing into your own hands swirling into a ball, then visualize it slowing freezing feel the coldness, hear it cracking, hands should feel cold.
Ice blast
Play a Ice ball, then push the ball forward using ki blast, visualize the ball flying being absorbed by a enemy turning them to ice.

Ice shield
Visualize water flowing in you filling you. Visualize the water energy mixing with your ki and Dan Tien mixing together see it exploding out your body picture it freezing have manner forming a dome, fill it with water to make it stronger.
Ice needles
First visualize water filling packaging in your arms, now visualize it freezing tense up and take the ice forward, use your ishi to send it out your palm and fingertips creating needles.

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