Controling Your Ki


Helps you to control your ki energy.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘Controling Your Ki’

Controlling your ki: You will learn how to maneuver your ki to various regions of your body. This is a fantastic practice for those who are just starting out. This gives you a great feel for imagining, make your will power more powerful, and it’ll give you a great idea of what your ki feels like. Now to start. Close your eyes, and focus on the fact that your ki is flowing around inside all your chakras(or just all through your body if you dont know about chakras yet)and inside of your dan tien. Now, pick a body part that you would like to move your ki to. For example, well begin with your hand. Now, start to visualize your ki moving and flowing smoothly into your hand. You can picture it one of three ways. The first way, you can visualize it coming out of your dan tien, flowing up into your chest, down your arm, and into your hand. The second way is to visualize it flowing from your dan tien, out of your own body, through the air, and back into your hand. The third way, is to just picture your hands starting to glow due to the ki you put in them. If you feel anything like warmth, tingling, electric feeling, magnetic feeling or coolness, you’ve just moved your ki. Practice this technique until you can do it easily, and visuaization isn’t a issue for you. A fantastic way to practice this technique would be to move your ki throughout your whole body. Like hand, bicep, forearm, chest, bicep, forearm, hand, leg, foot, leg, foot. Do this until you can move it around your whole body quickly, then everything will be a lot easier for you later.

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