Simple Divination method using coco-puffs cereal, I came up with when I was 10 yrs old.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your favorite bowl and spoon Cocopuffs Butter Great visualization/imagination Your mouth Your eyes A piece of newspaper Pen Book of symbols and imagery meanings Or a excellent memory in place of (*)’s.

Casting Instructions for ‘Cocomancy’

#1. Create a bowl of Cocopuffs, and consume them until there’s only a single layer of Cocopuffs left floating in the bowl. None under nor.
#2. Now eat 3 spoonfuls of cereal, keeping the spoon from the bowl, and allowing the cocopuffs to spiral and gravitate together.
#3. Once they have stopped moving, observe the pattern of this cluster of cocopuffs, and take note of what images, or logos you see.
(This will be the events that occur in a few hrs to a day.)
#4. Next eat 1 spoonful of Cocopuffs, scattering them around the bowl, letting the cereal to spiral and regravitate together forming pictures. Write down everything you see.
#5. Repeat #3. The symbols and images depectied here represent the events of the following week to half-month.
#6. Repeat#4.
#7. Repeat #3. Half-month to 3 months.
#8. Repeat #4.
#9. Repeat #3. 3 weeks to 6 months.
#10. Repeat#4.
#11. Repeat #3. 6-9 months
#12. Repeat #4.
#13. Repeat #3. 9 months to 12 months
#14. You should have completed your Cocopuffs @ this point, so drink your milk if you would like. If you’re not, take bigger bites next time. :p
#15. Finally, you will simply need to look up the meaning of everything you ever seen or write out what they mean to you. Place the meanings into context of topics life and arrange into the time frame mentioned and voila’!!! You’ve got a full Divination from a 10 yr old me lol… Good times…
Hope it works for ya’ll. Peace V

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