Birthday Ritual


Another spell (I say all 3 spells you may find it’s childish. Why do I need to do that??? As I said from the BIO!) For your child’s birthday. You can let them do it if you prefer.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A salad plate Aluminum foil White balloon (any color) A pin 3 candle colors: Blue, Yellow and White

Casting Instructions for ‘Birthday Ritual’

With a salad plate as a template, draw a circle on a piece of aluminum foil. Cut the circle out. This is your little “altar”. (You can draw designs on it if you like)

Take three little birthday candles — a blue one to signify the Past, a yellow one to represent the Current and a white one for the Future.

Have an adult (or you can if you’re old enough) drip a bit of wax on a foil circle to maintain every candle upright. After that, go out into the yard and pick enough green leaves to make a circle around the candles. (The green leaves represent Growth and, yes, you can add some flower petals too in case you’d like.) Now, light the blue candle and say:

These are my Yesterdays.

As it burns, think about all your memories. Consider how you’ve grown in the last year and of all of the things you’ve learned and done. Keep doing this until the candle burns down and out.

Next light the yellow candle and say:

This is my Nowadays.

Consider where you are right now…what grade you’re in, who your friends are, what you are learning at the moment. You can even think about what your favorite food is. In a few years, it may be something different, but what is it now? Consider things like this while the yellow candle burns down and out.

Then light the white candle and say:

These are my Tomorrows.

As this candle burns down, think about all the things you’d like to do and be and learn later on.

After that, try to think of a particular wish you have for the coming year. Have a balloon (white is best, but it can be another color). Focus very hard on your wish and picture it as a picture inside your heart and tummy area. Using your Magic Breath, blow off the wish picture into the balloon. Now, take a pin and POP the balloon. As it pops, your wish will be blown into the future!

Afterwards, make sure you bury the balloon and any remaining wax in the earth. Place the leaves and flower petals on top when you’re done.

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