Change to the sex


This spell transitions you into the sex immediately. You must have what you need to look like in mind, and it will work.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A candle of any color A moist towel (for security, because of the candle) An image in mind of what you want to look like A pen/pencil (rubber is optional) 2 sheets of any kind of paper A pen/pencil of a color representing your current sex and a different one representing the opposite sex

Casting Directions for ‘Change to the opposite sex’

1. Light the candle (be careful, do not get burnt) and place it on the wet towel.
2. Look at the candle flame and imagine your form.
3. With the pen/pencil, write on one of the sheets of paper all of the properties you want to have as the opposite sex.
4. Fold the paper in half and place it beneath your pillow.
5. Colour one side of the newspaper in one colour (it can be a scribble, so long as it goes over the complete length of the page) and another in the other colour.
6. Fold the paper in half so the side that’s coloured in the colour that represents the opposite sex is on the exterior.
7. Hold the paper close to your face and say these words:
“I Want to become the opposite gender,
It is who I am meant to be,
Be fair to me, life, do not punish me with my unwilled body,
Make me what I feel is right.”
8. Put that paper under your pillow.
9. Try to picture your form while falling asleep. You ought to have fantasies about that form the night/nights until you become it. In 1-5 nights, you should awaken in that form. This may not work the first time, so have belief in the spell and be patient. Message me with any queries ^w^

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