Change Sex(made by Real spellcaster)


Change your form from male to female. List traits.
As you probably know, or I’m about to tell you, spells that change the human body are really dangerous, or do not work. (because their made by those who don’t know,or for dream game purposes.) But, as a real practitioner of magick, I have made a spell that will circumvent the usual dangerous methods,that being said. This spell does not change your body, or swap your body, it makes a new one. It scours the multi verse for everything required, and after its done it puts it all back.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 white candle 1 part of snowflake obsidian 1 paper with specific design. 2 trait lists 2 rubber bands Firm belief in magical Belief in spell

Casting Instructions for ‘Change gender(made by real spellcaster)’

List all that you’re on a sheet paper. And draw the symbol for male on the back side of the paper. List all that you are interested in being on another sheet of paper(DO NOT. Screw around with your brain or soul PERIOD. Don’t try to make yourself a vampire or other mythical creature, or it will fail. Don’t try to generate any extra limbs or tail. Makecsure that w you place in the list is human and biologically possible, or it will fail or hurt you.) And and draw the symbol for female on the back. Roll up papers and bind separately with rubber band(symbols should not be coated and plainy visable.) Place male list in top left circle of the design, place female listing in the top right. Place white candle in the top centre circle. Place the stone in the bottom circle. Say
“This parchment holds all that I’m in body, and I wish to cast it off(hold your hands over the male list) please grant my wish and give me a body fitting the details written here(gesture over the other list.”
Light the candle and put your hands over the rock, chant your name followed by the name you wish to take on,(Fist name only.M,F,M,F.)until you have said both names ten times.
Finish the chant with “my desire has been laid bare before thee,
Please I implore you, so mote it be.” Twice. Now snuff the candle unbind both lists and put them confronting up words over there respective circles, turn the stone 180 degrees and go to bed.

You may take on your feminine form any where from the next day to five days from then. Upon taking your new form you will remain in it for the next two days, if by the end of the period you wish to remain this way, burn the male list over the candle and then wear the snowflake obsidian as jewellery for the following 24 hours, if eliminated before then you’ll revert the following morning. After 24 hours have passed you may enjoy your new life.

Keep in mind you will undergo hormonal fluctuations and such. Do not undo the symbol to attempt a female to male variant of this spell, don’t tamper with the spell website during the trial period, don’t tamper with the spell in order to perform a female to male transformation. I will make a reverse version for the spell if its in demand. Please note me your experience with this charm, as it helps me to improve it and others. The design can be printed, but might be better if hand drawn. The URL to the design shall be added shortly.

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  1. Do you have to have the obsidian as jewelry or can I just have it in my pocket??? Also what is the exact design that I should have on the floor or do I just follow the placements with left, right, center, and bottom???


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