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Read this to learn about the chakras, balancing them and using them for recovery.

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Casting Directions for ‘Chakra Healing and Chakra Balancing’

There are different methods of balancing the chakras. Some people use coloured crystals, since the energy vibrations of colors aids balancing. Essential oils may be used for their healing vibrations. Visualisation is powerful, as thought is energy. Affirmations made while chakra balancing produce positive feelings. Whichever methods are combined or used, chakra balancing offers very positive results – improving your health and making you feel good about yourself.
Spending a few minutes balancing your chakras before you get out of bed in the morning is a wonderful way to begin the day, making you feel full of life, positivity and hope. Balancing your chakras before going to sleep at night will calm you down, ease your mind and promote an excellent nights sleep. If you wish to do it during the day, then you have to find a quiet space and time for yourself.

First Chakra: Muladhara (red)
Located at the base of the spine, the first energy center, sometimes called the root chakra, relates to our most basic survival needs and our sense of belonging, whether to our family or a larger group. When this chakra is clear and energy flows through it openly, we feel confident and secure that we can easily fulfill our needs. On the other hand, blockage in this area can cause us to feel stressed and worried. This chakra, which connects us to the earth, gives us vital information about whether activities were contemplating will nourish us pose a threat. When we have a choice to make, we can hear the signals of the root chakra: Uncomfortable sensations are a message to be alert and alert, while pleasant feelings indicate that a given course of action is likely to meet our needs for safety and nourishment.

Second Chakra: Svadhisthana (orange)
This chakra resides in reproductive area and is associated with imagination and birthboth literally to a new baby but also metaphorically to new aspects of ourselves, thoughts and projects. When this chakra is healthy, were tapped to the origin of high energy that helps us write beautiful music, develop an innovative organization, or create a loving family life. When this chakra gets congested, we may experience a block in our creative powers and a feeling of dryness or emptiness.

Third Chakra: Manipura (yellow)
The third chakra, which governs our will, self-esteem and sense of personal power, is situated in the solar plexus. When energy flows freely through this center, were confident about our ability to manifest our goals and needs. When the next chakra is blocked, however, we feel helpless and frustrated.

Fourth Chakra: Anahata (green)
This energy center is sometimes known as the heart chakra because it resonates in the center and relates to love and compassion. When the fourth chakra is open and flowing, we feel profoundly connected to everyone in our life. But when its blocked, we experience loneliness and a feeling of alienation.

Fifth Chakra: Vishuddha (blue)
This energy center is localized in the throat area and relates to communicating and self-expression … the ability to voice our fantasies. When our centre of communication is clear, managed to express our truth without worrying about what others might think. By comparison, with a congested fifth chakra, we feel apprehensive about how other people will react to our views and are likely to censor ourselves.

Sixth chakra: Ajna (indigo)
The sixth chakra, also known as the brow chakra or the third eye is located between the eyes. Its the center of insight, where we integrate all of the information and instinct in our life. When energy isnt flowing smoothly through this chakra, we have a sense of self-doubt and distrust. When its clear and open, we feel deeply connected to our inner wisdom and trust that it guides us in our choices.

Seventh chakra: Sahaswara (violet)
This chakra resides at the crown of the head and is therefore sometimes referred to as the crown chakra. It connects us to higher consciousness and pure consciousness. The seventh chakra is called the Thousand Petaled Lotus, which bursts open when we remember our true nature and experience enlightenment. This is a list of the energy facilities their corresponding vibrational sounds: Base of Spine: LAM Reproductive Area: VAM Solar Plexus: RAM Heart: YAM Throat: HAM Forehead: SHAM Crown: AUM

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