Bury Pain


This is a spell to eliminate negativity and emotional pain

You will need the following items for this spell:

One smooth, black stone about palm sized
One black candle
A Black Cloth
A shovel

Casting Instructions for ‘Bury Pain’

This is a spell for psychological problems like depression, negativity or anger. You will need a spot outside where you are able to dig and bury the rock.

Cast on a Waning Moon, Which is when spells of banishing are at their peek
Which is a day for banishing and change.


After casting the circle and invoking as you normally do, sit in the circle and take a few moments to meditate and clear your mind. Focus on your breathing.

Light the candle

“I light this candle
so that negativity will be disolved.”

Now take the black stone and hold it between your palms. Close your eyes and think (do not dwell!) On your current issues which are causing you problems. Name them out loud; This can be depression, anger, guilt, addiction or bad habit, or any emotional issue.

Force your emotional energy into the rock, envision it as red flames under your skin, rushing from your chest, down your arms, to your hands and to the stone, while chanting:

“Pain is gone
healing has begun”

Do this until you feel you have sent all the painful emotions completely into the stone. Do this as long as you want, until you feel you’re ready. Then wrap the rock in the dark cloth and place it down.

After closing the ring and finishing with the ritual: take the stone, still wrapped in the black cloth and go outside. Dig a hole deep enough to place the wrapped stone in, about five or so inches should be good enough but the deeper the better. Set it in the hole and cover it with dirt, saying:

“the pain is buried and gone
My new life has started.”


Once you have transferred the emotion to the stone, wrapped it and shut the ring DO NOT touch the stone, this may send the emotion back to you. Keep it wrapped in the cloth.

Don’t dig or disturb the stone once its been buried.

Blessed be )o(

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