Building Ablaze


Burn down a building. For those of level 5 and up.

You may need the following items for this spell:

3 pices of paper
a writimg utensil
a fire
A picture of the building and/or the speech
name of the place

Casting Instructions for ‘Building Ablaze’

Inscribe the rune for “disruption because of outside forces” or draw another symbol for that or you could draw the place on fire and spirits surrounding it. In two other pieces of paper write the name of this place/building you want to set on fire.

*Cast a protection spell on your own home. . .just in case. Additionally, if you cast circles and encourage guardians and elements, just ask them to protect you.

Breathe, Meditate on what it is youĂ‚’d like. See the building a blaze, feel the intense heat, see what a blaze, see smoke, listen to things blowing, burning, and people screaming. Do this for 10-15 minutes. Another alternative to this is imagining everything I just told you but imagine spirits igniting the blaze. If you find it hard to imagine just try to sense it. Then chant in a commanding voice for 5 minutes while holding the image and/or address over the fire:

“Spirits that destroy by flames, I summon you to do the same”

After that, throw in the first paper with the name of the place.

Recite for 5 minutes while holding the picture

“Spirits that destroy by flames, I summon you to do the same”

Throw in the second paper.

Repeat the chant for 5 minutes again.

Then throw in the paper with the address or picture of this building, but before you do kiss it. ” Kiss of death” watch it burn. Thank the spirits in the event you’d like and let the blaze begin. If you’d like you can repeat this spell for 3 nights. I doubt you will, its took a long time.
He place/building you want to set on fire.

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