Candle-Mirror Banishing


Using a mirror to banish negative energy in you and/or around you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 white candle
1 black candle
A hand held mirror
Incense (optional)

Casting Directions for ‘Candle-Mirror Banishing’

Sit in a place where you’ve got a smooth, flat, secure surfice in front of you, like the floor or a table.

Set the portable mirror flat in front of you with the reflective glass facing up (the mirror ought to be small like a hand held 5-8″ mirror with handle). Place the black candle on the central place on the mirror. On the other side set the mirror set the white candle.Light both candles and the incense, in the event that you chose to use one.

This is where the spell has two ways to be performed, but both may be accomplished. 1) banishing negative energy from within you. Relax your body and mind. You can close your eyes if you want to. Visualize white energy light coming out of the candle through the flame. The light comes to you and enters your body through your crown chakra/top of your head or breath it in through your nose. It fills your body and mind flowing downward from head to toe. As it fills you, realease all negative energy and thoughts you have. Let them escape out of your body; you can achieve this by exhaling the negative energy through your mouth. This negative energy is a black mist of energy. Since the black power is released it’s being pushed into the black candle through the flame. And them further pushed into the mirror. Do this until you’re no longer releasing negative energy. 2) banishing negative energies from around you, including a particular room or house. This is the same procedure as the first method. But instead of the energies between yourself, they involve you place around you like the particular room or house. The white energy fills the area and pushes the black power into the candle then mirror.

Once done, you may either let the candles burn out, or eliminate them. To dispose of the black candle and mirror, wrap them in a cloth of some type, preferably a darker color, and bury them in the yard or put them in the trash. You may do as you please with the white candle.

This process may take numerous efforts to totally banish the negative energies. You could also do this on another person who may or may not be physically with you or away from you. As well as you can do this spell for areas that you aren’t physically at.

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