Blood on the Money


A legitimate money spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

$1 3 black candles Something to represent your god 1 ash tray 1 lighter 1 pin or razor

Casting Instructions for ‘Blood on the Money’

Clean a space , prepare altar arrange the candels around your idol (god statue, picture etc.). Do some deep breathing until you feel good, take your dollar bill write on it for you Satan.
Prick your finger bleed on the term Satan seal cut with a hot knife blade heated over the fire of each candel ( this will hurt so be prepared) this is a three-fold forfeit the dollar bill, the blood , and the pain of the hot metal on skin, if you want something out of a God the way I see it the better the sacrifice the better your chances.
Now can chant either aloud or in your head with your eyes shut
Money come to me
Im free
Fortune I can see.
Repeat this at least 13 times or until you feel like something has changed or something like that.
Then open your eyes stare at the picture of your God and take the sacrifice the dollar bill with all the blood on it fold it three times kiss it three times and then light it 3x with the fire of each candle and let it burn in the ashtray as you do that think in your head or say aloud for you! Whatever the name of your god is.

Be sure to keep your eyes open when youre out on earth after doing the spell because it can manifest itself as money on the ground you might find or chance situation that involves you getting money, enjoy.

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