Blood Magick Money Spell


Warning this spell is extremely powerful and will drain lots of your energy and such things may accurr: Fainting, turning pale in the face, feeling to shaky to stand, feeling sick for a day or a few days all accurred after I used this spell but it has had 100% success for me personally I repeat for me it’s had 100% success. Blood Magick is perminate and consequently shouldn’t be messed with and in saying that it can be dangerous if used wrongly. Be aware of blood deseases to so don’t leave unsterilised tools lying around with your blood on it as it can lead to harm to somebody other than yourself. I strongly recomend that you be 18 and over to perform this spell not that I can stop you if your not.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 white candle something to prink your fingure with.i.e a needle,knife. 1 envelope ether brought or made but made yourself is better Cinniomon powder Fake money i.e monoloply money or cut out paper money of your own making. Strong Beleif in Magick

Casting Instructions for ‘Blood Magick Money Spell’

1 Lite the white candle.
2 piece or needle prick your fingure.
3 scatter blood on every individual piece of fake cash.
4 place cash in the envolpe.
5 pour powdered cinimond in the envelope to what you feel is the right amount.
6 smear your blood across the envelope closeing is so that you’re sealing the spell with your blood if you will.
7 drip three drops of your blood in the candle flame trying not to put the fire out so small drops, you’ll here your blood fizzle and crackle from the flame.
8 suggestion the melted candle wax onto the envilope where your blood is and perminatly seal it closed.
9 wait for the candle wax to cool.
10 blow out candle and perhaps do this siting down cause if some of those things mentioned in my warning above are going to happen its when you’ve blown that fire out.
11 if you feel fine with the envelope in your right hand the seal facing up and say:
“hear me angels on your glory
hear menow zachareal.
I see the need for the common good
And ask for this to be raised
Blessed be so mote it be”

Repeat chant 3 times and say daily for 7 days and as soon as you recieve the cash open envielpeand also in that time visulise a secure sheild within the envelope on yourself and keep on your sacred place the envelpoe.
If you would like the money for another person focus on them when performing the spell i.e think their name when placing fake money into the envolope and in the 7 days envision the envelope geting heavyer regular.

Blessed Be and good luck 🙂

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