A Spell To Bring Forth Money


This spell provides you cash, while warding off bad luck. Essentially, a two in one spell.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A dip of honey An eyelash of yours your bloodstream (very little) Coin Paper, pen Water (Rain Water advocated) Thread (any, but white or black is better) Lavender spray (or leaves) Green candle(s) Blue Candle(s) A Variety of Candles Leaves (optional) 2 jars/Cups A lid, or something to use as a lid Indoors, alone

Casting Directions for ‘A Spell To Bring Forth Money’

Meditate for about ten minutes. This is optional, but recommended.
Now, sit on the floor (inside). Place two cups or jars in front of you. Set the green and blue candle(s) at the center of the jars, and either place the other candles behind the jars or circle it.

Place the following in the first jar to the left, in this order;

-Insert rain water (or water) letting it cover the bottom of the cup or jar.
-Add a drop of honey
-add 1 eyelash of yours
-Drop the coin (in case you’ve got a quarter, that one is better)
-Reduce the leaves (optional)
-Today, on a small paper (About the size of one inch both width and length) compose the words “Bring me Money” and on the other side, write how much money you want (optional). Try to keep it small. Do not put one million dollars or something really big or it won’t work. The amount of money also depends on your age, and if you’ve got a job. If you are a kid or teen with no job, out something that your mom or dad would provide you (say, 20 dollars or 100 dollars) for going to the mall, etc..
-Add a drop of your blood on the paper
-dip the paper from the jar.
Put your mouth into the jar but DO NOT CONSUME, and chant 3 times;

“Money, Money, Come to me,
Bring me what I want to see,
Goodness for all,
this is my will,
so mote it be.”

Now, place the jar back down, and put a lid on it. If you do not have a lid, put plastic wrap or tin foil over it, and seal it with a pony tail holder or rubber band or string.

Now, fill the next jar to the right with rain water (or water) enough to cover the ground.
Drop lavender leaves, or spray lavender spray three times.
Take a little paper (1 inch width x length) and draw the Gibu Auja Symbol in blood. If you don’t know what that symbol looks like, heres a link. And if the link doesn’t reveal, google it.
Now, drop the paper in the jar and put your mouth into the jar but DO NOT CONSUME and chant three times;
Come to me,
That is my will,
So mote it be”
Place jar back down. If you do not have a lid, use tin foil or plastic wrap.
Now, focus on your energy, the candle’s flame and the 2 jar/cups in front of you. Imagine the outcome, (this could be you getting your paycheck at work, getting a raise, or your mother or dad giving you cash)
Then, blow out the candles.

Put the jars in a dark, hidden place. (cupboard, cabinet, under your bed, etc.)

When you get your money, or if you start to get bad luck or some negative consequences, rinse the jar out immediately, and get rid of the paper.

This spell was newly made, and for best results, perform a enhancer spell, or “how to create a spell” spell. Here’s the link

Even though the spell is titled “how to create a spell” it may also be used to enhance another spell.

If the link does not show, or if you have questions, or if the spell worked or didn’t work, please mail me. I would love to hear everyone’s results :-RRB-

Great luck, -ToxxicWishes.

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