Become an Historical kind of Vampire


Become an kind of vampire and learn all about them!

You will need the following items for this spell:

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Casting Instructions for ‘Become an Historical kind of Vampire’

“Vampire Transformation Ritual (Wiccan)
On the night of the New Moon, enter an intense meditation state. For half an hour, imagine yourself gaining the features of a Vampire. Rest, then continue for another half hour. Continue nightly until the Full Moon. In this undertaking, constantly invoke either the goddess or the god, whatever you’re more comfortable doing, for their security and aid.

“Ritual Vampiric Constructs:
Ritual vampiric constructs usually need the following tools or foci to aid in their creation:
A sigil to name the build and it’s intent.
A crystal or other receptacle for storing energy.
Clay or another material to produce a physical representation of this build. If the construct isn’t defensive, and is used for crime, then something representing the target is required (personal belonging, picture or sigil).
Use standard methods for producing the sigil.
First Stage (production): Create a circle (to aid in containing the energy raised) and begin building energy, while imagining your construct.
Your name will be [insert build’s name based on your sigil].

You can find some excellent sigils in the sample version of the books mentioned at the bottom.

“Vampire Powers
Enthralling/rolling – this is when a vampire catches the mind of someone. Normally, eye contact is required but a strong vampire can do it without. Pain and other distractions can enable a strong-willed person break free of the trick.
Deep trance – the vampire who puts a person in deep trance can call them anytime, anywhere, and they will go. The only thing to break the grip is the death of either the vampire or the victim.
Unnatural strength, fast moving, speedy healing, terrific hearing and vision. This is exactly what every vampire gains.
Most can also ‘smell’ emotions, though they can also describe it as a feeling against their face and mind.
Glamour – an illusion to make their appearance more attractive to people, or less attractive.
Master vampires have almost total control over his or her children, can force them to hunt as a pack for two reasons – either the elderly vamp is teaching the younger to hunt, or the Master is using the joint kill to solidify the bond of the group.”

“Vampire Weakness
All vampires are unable to withstand the direct rays of the sun. Sunlight drastically affects the vampire’s veins, causing it to congeal and the skin to quickly decay. Direct exposure causes a vampire to completely dehydrate and turn into dust in minutes.
Religious Objects
Vampires have a supernatural aversion to any religious object representing “good” (like a cross, crucifix, Star of David, etc.) which is wielded or placed by anyone who believes in the spirit the object signifies. The size of this object is not a consideration in its ability to repel vampires, only the strength of the wielder’s belief.
Holy water (i.e. – water that has been blessed by a priest or cleric of religion) is another effective weapon against the vampire. While it would require generous amounts to actually destroy a vampire, sacred water acts as concentrated sulfuric acid when it comes in contact with a vampire’s flesh.”

“Vampire Ancient Law
Vampire LawVampire Laws
With from the Vampire texts These Laws apply:
*You can’t change any human that has not gone through puberty. Any vampire that’s made must have the ability to fend for themselves.
*It is the law to not kill your own kind unless in self defense.
*You shouldn’t expose the vampire kind to humanity.
*Depending on which clan you are a part of depicts what you consume Animal blood, human blood ect.
*Reading of other vampires mind is not allowed in sacred locations.
* Once you’re in a sect(clan) you aren’t allowed to stray to another.”

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Excerpt From: Oneal, Jennifer. “Real Vampire Magick.”, 2011-08-16. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.
All that you see above is all that you need from said books

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