Vampire Poem


Latin and English translation, I suggest having a friend with you and you state it on midnight of a full moon. Your friend says english and you state it in latin.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Paper pencil

Casting Instructions for ‘Vampire Poem’

When you read this whole thing write down the spell. You cannot read this charm from an email because then it will not work.

Go out on midnight. It does not have to be a full moon but it works better on one, works best on Hallowe’en. But Hallowe’en is here once a year so I would opt for a complete moon.

I think you can do this on your own but I suggest having a friend help you. If your friend does not mind having a vampire possibly stalking them is! To lower there risk of meeting with the vampire have them say it in english, you state it in latin.

Sit crossed legged outside on midnight and chant this at precisely the same time with your friend, and try to remain in tune with one another!

“O dea tenebris
mater immortalibus
puer tuus fac me sicut renascentur
mea lux vestra absorbere

liceat mihi locus ad tenebras
sicut ex utero immortales
filios tuos in ulnis
quibus invocaverit te frater

O lunae lumen
puer tuus fac me sicut renascentur
me duce tenebris sunt
i ita erit renatus”

“Oh goddess of the shadow
mother to the immortal
Allow me to be reborn as your child
let your light absorb my own

Allow me passage to the darkness
As from your immortal womb
To the arms of your children
To whom I will call brother

Oh moonlight
Let me be reborn as your child
Guide the dark ones to me
So I shall be born again”

Chant it three times, your telephone.
This ought to make a vampire come for you, you can ask to bite it but I am not sure of its outcome. Sorry if it is a not so wonderful vampire.

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