This is not rally a charm , well it have a hypnotic inductions , but you’ll be observed on the cameras.Check my profile out . Very good luck in casting ! 🙂

You will need the following items for this spell:

Quiet Room.
Calm Place.
Open Third-Eye.
Energy drink.
10 Blue and White Candles.
Chakra Root over 50 % .

Casting Directions for ‘BE INVISIBLE TO THE HUMAN EYE’

This is the real and functioning spell at this year 2014. It takes me to make it. So yeah , … Lets Start !
So find any serene and quiet room on your own. Light (10) Blue Candles , and (10) White Candles.Switch the lights OFF (Not needed, but the best way , So if you’re afraid , dont do it ! .) Take 5 deep and calming braths , now look at the fire of the candles ,and think on a bunch of random peopels , like you’re in New York or any BIG city.Hold it there for about 3. min. (The more that is bether) Now close eyes and medite with open Third-Eye (Look on my profile , in History the way to open Third-Eye with only pracitce of 3 times ! .) For about 30 min. When you meditaded and geted in Alpha state (calming state), open eyes , and calming when looking in the candles drink a litle bit of Energy Drink (Best Red Bull , or White Energy .) This will get you power and wish to make it. When you done with that , burn out candles and get everything OFF your desk , or the floor , depends where you been working. YOU ARE ALL DONE HERE. Now we will need to get on the Hypnosis that everyone human being can and will and could get it done ! . (YOU NEED TO PRACTICE ABOVE WHAT I WROTED SOME TIMES , LIKE COUPLE OF DAYS , TO GET ON THIS STUFF! . ) So take one of your friends and let them know you will Hyonotize them. But do not tell you will be invisible. So tell them to shut eyes and relax.Take deep breath and listen to You. Tell them to think on place and be there for about 1 min. Now slowly then tell them when you rely on 5 they will be gone from this place to this room , and every thing will be black. 1-2-3-4-5 (clap your fingers on right ear) BOOM!!! They head will probably be down. Now press their left arm and tell they will be in another place when you cont to 3 , 1-2-3 (clap your fingers on right ear0 BOOM!!! They’ll think you’re in another place , but what is Acttualy going you”re invisible to they eyes ! ( THAT IS PRETTY MUCH IT , BUT IT NEED ABOUT 3 WEEK OF EXPIRIENCE AND PRACTIE TO BE INVISIBLE IN THE SOME BIG CITY OR THE CENTER OR CITY IN YOUR COUNTRY OR CITY !!! .) Good Luck Maxwell S. Hammer (My alias for Time Traveling , check out more on my profile send me message). :-RRB- Bye !!

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