Astral Wolf


Create an astral wolf type. A fantastic requirement to some werewolf spell as it provides you with an astral wolf form. Meditation and lucid dreaming is suggested to get over the transformation shock, and assist with the “sneeze”.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Blueberries Raspberries Walnuts A little carrot Meat (optional) Poppy seeds (just about two tablespoons! Optional) Parsley Green onion Sage Orange peel Salt Basil Anything else you wish, to alter the flavour Candle (optional, but highly recommended) Waxing or full moon (does not have to be night time)

Casting Instructions for ‘Astral Wolf’

Blend together raspberries (for stamina and vigor), blueberries (for a calm, protected environment), walnuts (dark energy of the planet, association with witches, heightened faculties), carrot (dispel illusions), meat (optional, for bulk, flavour, and carnivorous ability/tendencies), poppy seeds (optional, commonly used in old werewolf spells, contain potent energy), parsley (protection, purification, used in several werewolf spells), green onion (absorbs impurities, for removing doubt and unsure feelings to make the spell sincere and strong, optional), sage (purification, cleansing and life), salt (purification, frequent witch ingredient, powerful), basil (strong herb) and compact pieces of orange peel (divination and fortune) in addition to anything else you think will strengthen the ritual or provide a better flavour.

Mix it in a blender or with a potato masher until all the ingredients are combined. Don’t make too much. Place it in a container and store for up to three times. Whenever you’re ready, take it out with a glass of water. This water ought to be rainwater or snow-water.
Go outside at any given time of day. If you can see the sun or moon, it is more powerful. Look to it as you perform this rite. Stand out in the middle of a forest, woods or just a large yard. If it isnt wet or snowy, sit down. Put a necklace, ring, charm or bracelet in the sun/moonlight, and leave it there as you eat the mixture. While doing so, clear your mind and focus, lighting the candle if you have it.

Listen to music if it is hard, and just concentrate on the change. Visualize every bit of it, interspersed with beautiful forests. The visualization can only be on your minds eye, what is important is your thoughts. Breathe easily, but not quickly and shallowly. If you discover your breath has become exceedingly shallow, let it. Focus on those things, pray to your deity or simply to the powers of nature.
Pray that you gain the astral form of a wolf, which you could sense it, and that you feel this astral shape in everyday life as a part of you. Pray deeply while imagining your astral wolf form as a wolf of mild curled around you.
Now concentrate deeply and imagine this form moving to match your position, then rising into you. See your own astral human form, your setting (if you don’t know your colour, just have it shine white) in your visualization, and your soul, and possess the wolf bodys ears, tail, muzzle and paws manifest on your astral shape before quickly falling onto the paws, ripping down from your body to turn into a wolf standing in which you stand, sit or lie down. Now, with eyes closed and imagining, get down onto all fours to fully reconnect with this wolf. Watch, from first or third person, as you move into the wolf. When, in your visualization, you have matched the wolf, say this term: Lupus intrat mihi est animus corpore.
Imagine the sensations of this wolf body on your body until you can practically feel it. Focus on those senses until you feel one with the wolf. Visualize the place before you as seen by your wolf eyes. If you visualize color, this is fine. Smell and feel the world around you. Now move to a more human position and feel the wolf proceed on you, as it’s with you forever. Now strengthen it by repeating: Sol et luna, lupus talem meum.
Now visualize your aura conforming to your astral wolf body, penetrating the astral ears, tail, muzzle and paws. Watch as it will become a wolf aura, powerful and wild, bursting with natural energy. Your wolf astral shape and air will strengthen as you meditate on it, visualize it, and wear your own charm.
Open your eyes and lie down on your back, repeating an incantation like this: The ground gives power to my body. With this mantra, call on the earths power. You need not use the one above, simply root yourself to the ground and call on Her everlasting magick. This has the added bonus of grounding you.
Center yourself, but gather the energy out of your wolf parts as well, as they’re a part of you today. From now on, envision them when you visualize yourself. Center the energy at your heart. Feel your pulse, together with your hands if you must. After a minute or so of just relaxing, count from ten to one and open your eyes. Stand up, focusing on the wolf form around you, blow the candle out if you have one, and put on your charm. When you put it on, exhale deeply before heading indoors, and take a few deep breaths.

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