Aphrodite Body Change


Invoke the goddess of sex and love that will assist you alter your physical body. I suggest not only forgetting that it was throw by you but working toward that goal yourself once the spell is cast.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Olive oil
Rose petals
A small jar with a metal lid
Piece of paper
Tea light candle
(All of them are optional. If you are feeling right using these ingredients then do this.)
FREE WILL (Not optional. If you’re currently trying to impress someone, don’t cast this spell. Only if you feel like you would be happier if somethings changed)

Casting Directions for ‘Aphrodite Body Change’

Take the piece of paper (not to large) and draw or write on it the body you want, the elements of your body you want changed or of someone else if you are projecting this for a friend. If that is the case then make certain that you do this with not to harm them and intentions. Take the paper and then fold it up and put it in the jar, then add the rose peddles (it doesn’t matter how many), the cinnamon (roasted or sticks), and then pour in the olive oil until it covers the paper. Place on it and set the candle and light it. The metal that will heat the jar’s lid , thus heating your spell will be heated by the candle at the tea light. Then ask your wish to be granted by Aphrodite and assist your spell. I think spells work best when the caster makes the chant themselves but try something like “Oh beautiful seductrist Aphrodite, 1 goddess of lust and love, I ask you please to bless my body, for the good will of all, so mote it be”. Allow the candle burn until you feel it is ok to blow out it. Then work towards your goal if you cast it for yourself. If you are attempting to lose weight then eat better and visit the gym, show effort because it will help keep the intention of your spell alive. Hope this works for you, should you have questions or success/failure stories. Blessed Be.

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