You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Black Couple Candle or 1 Black Figural Break-Up (Divorce) Candle 1 bottle Crossing Oil 1 packet Crossing Sachet Powder 1 package Crossing Incense Powders 1 packet Hotfoot Powder 1 packet Goofer Dust 1 Bottle containing 9 Pins, 9 Needles, 9 Nails, black dog hair, black cat hair 1 packet Devil’s Shoe Strings Curio 1 packet Devil Pod Curio 1 packet Hyssop Herb two White Offertory Candles

Casting Instructions for ‘ANTI-LOVE’

Preparation: This spell is presented in a number of degrees of
severity, letting you choose precisely how much trouble you
would like to make. In addition to the items here, you will need
something personal from both parties, like their hair,
footprint-dirt, menstrual blood, semen, photos, business
card, or the like. The more intimate the better. In
addition, you should symbolically write their full names on
two pieces of paper 9 times. Use black ink for the one you
want to have get away and red ink for the one you need to
stay close to you. Use black ink for both, if you want both to
get away. Whatever item you use, those items, plus the
name-papers, will be known as “the couple’s personal
items.” Work during the waning of the moon).

Doing the Job: Make the Crossing Incense Powders into cones
(use a twist of paper, pack the incense in with your finger,
and turn it from the cone). On the Black Couple Candle
carve the couple’s full names with the words BREAK UP
involving their names. Dress the candle with Crossing Oil and
sprinkle it with Crossing Powder. For each of the following seven
days burn a portion of the incense and one section of the
candle. Pinch the candle out between times, never blow it
out. During these 7 days, you will work the spell itself.

The bottle contains 9 Pins, 9 Needles, 9 Rusty Nails, the
Hair of a Black Dog, and the Hair of a Black Cat. All these are
to cause pain, anger, emotional incompatibility, distance,
and quarelling between the couple so that they will “fight
like dogs and cats” and seek to part from one another. You
have 3 types of powders. Each is alleged to produce a
specific outcome. The more you use, the more mischief is
believed to result. Hotfoot Powder is to push someone away.
Crossing Powder is to bring about bad luck, difficulty, and
illness. Goofer Dust would be to mess people up badly, even
unto death. Choose 1, 2, or all 3 powders; blend them
together if you want.

Mix the couple’s personal items with the powder(s) you’ve
chosen, then put the mix in the bottle with the pins,
needles, nails, hair, and kitty hair; stop up the jar
and bury it under their doorstep. As you do that, pray aloud
for their intranquility and break-up in your own words; ask
in the name of your God or Saint. If you can not place it beneath
their doorstep, hide it in a hollow tree where they can’t
find it, or carry it to the nearest graveyard and bury it
(praying for the death of their relationship), or carry it
to a crossroads and throw it into centre of the road
(praying for them to travel apart from each other), or throw
it into running water (praying to have them both carried from your life).

CLEANING UP: Wrap any left-over candle wax, incense
ashes, and biodegradable substances in a piece of black fabric.
Secure it with black ribbon and tie it. Throw it out at a
crossroads or bury it in a graveyard.

PURIFICATION AND PROTECTION: Because breaking folks up is an
Enemy Trick, you need to cleanse yourself and protect from
retribution. To take off your sin, prepare a bath by
steeping the Hyssop Herb in a pot of boiling rain water or
spring water. Light the two white candles, stand between
them, and pour the Hyssop bath over your head while reciting
the 51st Psalm (“Cleanse me with Hyssop; wash me and I shall
be whiter than snow”). For security, drive the 9 Devil’s
Shoe Strings to the dirt throughout the path to your door-step
to tangle up anyone who may attempt to retaliate and cross you.
Place the Devil Pods outside or behind your front and rear
doors to repel some evil work which might be directed toward

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