Anti depressant


Clear a Buddies depression with this spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

Red candle
Yellow/orange candle
White candle
A strand of hair in the person your trying to cure
A yellow strip of cloth
Sea salt
A bowl or plate
A quiet room
Crushed rosemary or basil and cinnamon ginger root (it can be the cooking kind) crushed up and blended

Casting Instructions for ‘Anti depressant’


Wrap the hair in fabric. If its womans hair that is long, roll it into a ball.

Its important that the fabric is yellow becomes yellow symbolizes; peace, happiness, confidence, and charm. If your attempting to cure this person of depression, then those are the things you need.

Soak the wrap. Then let it dry for at least 24 hours.


Set down, and put the strand of hair.

Circle it once with honey, then sprinkle the salt and herbs over the honey so it sticks.

Grab the three (or four if you use orange and yellow) candles and arrange them all around the plate.

Light the red candle first and say, Red, fiery bright. Come and help heart tonight. Bind together with the joy and the love of a thousand ones.

Light the orange candle and say, Orange, brave and helpful. Let thy mind dodge the fears and try in cleanliness.

Light the white candle and say, White bright as light. Clean and purity thy sins, And wear away all darkness.

Turn off the light.

Take the fabric hair wrap and let the flame touch it a bit, only a little bit of flame. Make sure every candle fire has touched it once. Best if it happens 3 times though.

Set the burning cloth and hair into the center of the honey, candles and herbs.

Chant 3 times gods and goddesses of the earth. My dear ______ (their entire name for example last) is very sick. With the fate of death in their eyes. Please fix them. Bring the happiness and love to their heart. Oh gods and goddesses hear my plea, I beg for ______ (their first name) so mote it be.

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